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Name:Sub-Commander Faora-Ul
Faora-Ul is a native of the planet Krypton and General Zod's second in command. She has been genetically bred to be a soldier and a warrior, most notably by lacking a sense of morality. She joined the Kryptonian military at an early age and rose quickly among its ranks, reaching the designation Sub-Commander. She is fiercely loyal to her General, earning her the nickname The Tigress of Zod. She is also a member of Zod's revolutionary movement known as the Sword of Rao.

For random gameplay, Faora is stuck on Earth, finding it increasingly difficult to adjust to life on a planet inhabited with what she considers inferior beings. She is completely open to playing out scenes from the movie, those 33 years the Black Zero was roaming the galaxies, or fun times in the Phantom zone, either with Zod and the other insurgents, or with Hardy per the ending of the movie.

Abilities: Faora has all the abilities of a Kryptonian living on Earth in the Man of Steel universe. These include heat vision, extreme strength, flight, x-ray vsion, microvision and super speed.

[This version of Faora is taken from the motion picture Man of Steel and is copyright Warner Brothers.]
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